Q: What do you do if you lose your ticket? A: Talk to airport guidance for...

Q: What do you do if you lose your ticket? A: Talk to airport guidance for the time being. It is reasonable to say that it is reasonable, but I feel that humanity is insufficient with this. At least I would be confused at the entrance of the airport before talking to you and calling an unreliable friend. By doing so, first of all, let's keep calm by using a tranquilizer ""talk about trouble to someone to suppress disturbance"". It is only a prediction that it will ""do so"" to the last. In fact, think about when it happened. From my house to the airport it will take an hour and a half by car, but maybe I have returned home to find it. No, before you go home you should have checked important things like air tickets in advance so you will be back in the parking lot and looking for cars scattered. Whatever it is, I will not be mistaken for my dismay. It's an embarrassing story, but I am a little eager so it seems impossible to imagine such a thing. Therefore, as a result, I eventually choose to ""consult with airport guidance for the time being"". However, one biggest drawback is one. What is written so far, I have never got on an airplane only once. It will be no doubt that you scream when it is said that ""this is going to happen"" at the information center.

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